Nowadays, Canary Vacation Houses directs its commercial objective to the Integral Management of Buildings exclusively for holiday rentals.

Founded in 2016 as a company dedicated to the management of houses for vacation rentals. In the last years we already have a group of houses spread over the island of Gran Canaria and our main objective is that the owner is completely unconcerned with the work that this type of rent entails.

Our functions are:

  • Create the ads in the different websites with which we work setting a price per day, according to the characteristics of the property and the market price
  • Organize the cleaning, laundry, and maintenance service
  • Respond quickly to reservation requests, arrange transfers for the day and time of arrival of our customers
  • Explain in the check in the process and rule of the house, suggest places to visit, restaurants, excursions, events, etc.
  • We also have a professional photography service, and we also manage the licenses and permits that regulate the activity.

In the last year, being in the market we decided to expand horizons giving way to the real estate sector as we saw that our customers, mostly foreigners, were looking for houses to buy, rent for a long season or sell. At this point and to close the circle we already do interior decoration projects and reforms.


At Canary Vacation Houses you can find long term rentals, normally on a 6 or 12 month contract. This can be extended or rearranged for a longer fixed term, which may allow you to negotiate a lower price. The properties range from single-family houses, bungalows, apartments / flats and townhouses.


Do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any questions or get more information about our accommodations, we would be more than happy to assist you.


Selling or buying a property does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a fairly easy and even an exciting adventure. There are many things that can de done to make the whole process more fluid and more efficient, while achieving the best possible performance. A careful and strategic dedication is required, as well as a high knowledge of the market, such as locations, proximity and accessibility, as well as the current prices of the properties. There are also, of course, many legal aspects involved, to protect both, buyer and seller. We will work together and advise you throughout the process.


Home remodelling is not something that can be left to anyone. Design, projects, deadlines, costs, licenses and many other aspects have to be controlled. We put at your disposal a team of highly qualified professionals who will be in charge of transforming that apartment, flat or old house into the project of your dreams. Leave it in our hands and just simply enjoy the process.