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  • Piso Sargento Llagas 7ID
  • 3Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms

This spacious house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is sold. In the area of Las Canteras Beach in a pedestrian street that leads to the beach promenade, very close also to the commercial areas and restaurants. It stands out for the breadth of its rooms and the quality of the materials, very bright and the best is its square shape that in the case of wanting to reform the house, allows to join spaces and make a clear area between living room and kitchen. By having two access doors it is also possible to divide the house into two apartments. The house faces the back of Sargento Llagas street so we avoid the bustle of the pedestrian street making the house very quiet and quiet. Oriented to the west, it receives sun during the afternoon hours.
Quiet community and completely renovated building